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The Brewery

Caldera Brewing Company was incorporated March 12, 1996. The first brew was July 4, 1997 and the first keg sold was August 28, 1997. Caldera is distributed by Summit Beverage in Southern Oregon, Big Foot Beverages in the Roseburg/Southern Coast area and Point Blank Distributing in Portland, Eugene, Bend and the Northern Coast area. Please see the Distribution page for current distribution.

For the first eight years, Caldera was draft only until June 2005 when the Pale Ale was put into cans. In 2007 the IPA was added to the can line up and in 2008 the Ashland Amber became the third flavor to can. In 2013, Caldera added Lawnmower Lager and Pilot Rock Porter to its can lineup. Caldera is the first micro brewery in the State of Oregon to brew and can its own beer. See 12 Ounce Cans page for more on cans and the quality they provide.

New Brewery


Brewery Heded North
View to the West
The brewery is situated in a 28,000 square foot building in Ashland, Oregon. The brew house is a 30 barrel system with fermentation tanks ranging from 30, 60 and 90 barrels. This simply means Caldera brews either single, double, or triple batches to fill the fermenters. Many of Caldera's beers are filtered by a plate and frame filter leaving a clear and bright product. One thing that sets Caldera apart from many other Northwest breweries besides the beer clarity is the incorporation of fresh whole flower hops into the brewing process. Whole flower hops have a cleaner taste than palletized hops.

Hop Field

Hop Field in Yakima, WA

Hop Bailer

Baling Whole Cone Hops

Bailing Whole Cone Hops at Crosby Hop Farms in Woodburn, OR

Handful of Hops


Caldera Brewing Company
590 Clover Lane
Ashland, Oregon 97520


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